Monday, March 29, 2010

missing, not gone

My beautiful baby girl arrived 2.10.2010 at 12:10am weighing 7lbs 2oz
I love my life as a mommy! I love my baby girl for giving me the gift of motherhood. Taking care of her feels natural, like this is who I have always been, a mother. And o boy did we luck out, she is a ridiculously good baby- so far! Shes good enough right now that mommy has time to work out everyday merely uninterrupted.
              I ended my pregnancy at 212lbs. I felt unhealthy but looking back now I did okay, not great but not horrible. I felt really fat and crappy, sore down there and I found it easy to make excuses for my poor diet and inactivity. Shameful, I know. Now, at 6weeks 5days postpartum I've lost 10lbs. A bit depressing considering some women lose 30lbs immediately after birth, I guess I am just no as lucky as those women and will have to work a little harder. I've been doing cardio, building up from 20 minutes to 40-60 min a day. I am also eating better but still struggle with binging at night. It comes down to choices now, deciding how I want to live as the person I choose to be. This is where the journey has come from pregnancy, maternal beauty to an overweight mommy determined to regain herself, her body and her life as a sexy, toned, tattooed hot mama!

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