Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Planning for the postnatal regimen

(just notes not a true post just yet)
All in all I cannot wait to enjoy all the amazing moments with my baby. A little extra weight is a very small price to pay for the wonderful new person in our lives,  with patients and hard work my body will be back to normal in no time. And better than ever in atleast a year postpartum. I have been doing and shall be continuing extensive research in the best workout and diet regimen for after baby. I have already worked fairly hard at staying healthy during this pregnancy which gives me a slight upper hand. From what I understand women are asked to wait 6 flippen weeks after delivery to begin working out, to my knowledge thats around the time when the dr will give you the green light. If that is in fact true I will be walking alot! The utmost positives about planning this regimen and a few key notes:
  • Post-natal exercise speeds up the recovery process after childbirth and helps give you the energy you need to keep up with the hectic pace of caring for a newborn.
  • Cut back on post partum depression.
  • To fit in exercise at home, create a library of workout videos that are different lengths so you're equipped when some unexpected time arises.(done)
  • Use a day planner to loosely plan your workouts around your baby's schedule.
  • If you start to feel light headed and nauseous, or notice a change in the color of your vaginal discharge, you may be exercising too strenuously.
Also, I have a new found respect for a simple crunch, yes that stupid little exercise everyone hates lol. Seeing how it's impossible for me to do at all at this point I actually want to do a bunch of them! I miss having options in excercise as much as getting drunk and dancing in my livingroom!
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