Friday, December 11, 2009

Imperfection at her finest

I miss that feeling of walking out of the house feeling charged and owning the day instead of it owning me. Feeling as if I'm wearing fishnet stockings and 6 inch heals when all I have on are flip flops. Confidence. I miss it. I forget far to often that I may not be perfect but in my own way I am in fact beautiful to my core. I feel to dragged down to carry myself  poised, to walk with that 'emph' in every step that men desire and women envy. Knowing I should be able to feel that way but do not is disappointing. Knowing a simple TLC spa day wont be a quick fix is even more so. The weight has victimized me. Every aspect of my life lacks confidence and that just isn't me. I feel powerless. I'm a survivor, I have no need to feel this weakness anymore.


1 comment:

  1. I cried reading this post. Cotton Candy you know my soul. my fears. my feelings. You no pain, thats clear.